When those who care for others also need a little help - support for next of kin in the city of Malmö (English)

Do you live with or support a family member or friend, young
or old, who is struggling with a disability, illness or substance
abuse? In order to help them, you may need a little support

You may be a family member or relative, friend or neighbour. If you are living with someone who is unable to manage daily life independently, we can help. As next of kin, you may determine the extent of your involvement as a caregiver. Your share of participation should be voluntary. The primary responsibility for the care of your family member or friend lies with the municipality.

Information and education

You may attend information meetings and learn more about issues or illnesses that are relevant for you as next of kin. Contact the city of Malmö for assistance in finding services that are right for you.


If you need someone to talk to, the city of Malmö offers counselling. You may choose between group or individual counselling. Counselling may involve sharing daily challenges with others in the same situation. In some cases, more in-depth, individual sessions may be needed for working through more difficult thoughts and problems. You may also attend open meetings.

Respite care

Everyone needs some time to themselves, for rest or activities. Those who are caring for someone at home may receive respite care at home. There are also places that offer overnight stays for people who require care either occasionally , or on a regular basis. Respite care up to 12 hours per month is free of charge. Referrals must be sent by a case manager. 

This is how it works

The city of Malmö has staff who offers information, advice and support for those who are assisting, supporting or caring for a family member or friend. They can help you locate the right place for assistance or services, and find someone for you to talk to.

Learn more about support for next of kin on the city of Malmö website.

The Social Welfare Services Act, Chapter 5, Section 10 states: “Persons who care for or support next of kin: The Social Welfare Board shall provide support for those persons who care for a family member who is elderly or who has a
long-term illness or disability.”

Should you need support when providing care for another person, assistance will be based on your needs in the situation. This is meant to ensure a reasonable standard of living and opportunity for an independent life through measures or services. Applications for needs assessed measures must be submitted to the municipal case manager. You may receive services without a referral.

Support for next of kin in the city of Malmö

Email: anhorigstod@malmo.se

Health and Care Services

Elderly individuals, adults with physical disabilities, and adults with somatic illnesses:
Counselling for family members
040-34 52 17
040-34 49 31
040-34 63 84

Department for Disability Support

Social psychiatric services:
Counselling for family members
040-34 72 56
0708-34 13 09

The Swedish Act concerning support and services for persons with disabilities (LSS):
Counselling for family members
0729-61 36 39

Labour Market and Social Services Administration

Öppenvårdshuset Gustav - public care and support services (Substance abuse/family):
040-34 91 90

Maria Malmö (Substance abuse/family, youth):
040-33 71 70