About the Dawit Isaak Library

The Dawit Isaak-library is your freedom of expression library at Malmö City Archives. Find books that you wouldn't be allowed to read if someone else had to decide.

About the Dawit Isaak-library

At the Dawit Isaak Library you can find, read and borrow books that you would not be able to read, if someone else had decided. The library is open to the public and located at Malmö City Archives.

On our shelves there are banned books, books that have been burned or censored, all written by people who have been silenced, threatened, imprisoned or forced into exile because of their words.

Our collection of literature

If you want to know what books you can find at the Dawit Isaak-library you find it in the library catalogue.

Would you like to tell us about books or authors that should be represented at the Dawit Isaak Library? Please let us know at: dawitisaakbiblioteket@malmo.se.

Why does the Dawit Isaak-library exist?

Through the Dawit Isaak Library, we want to offer an opportunity for the general public and researchers to find and read literature that is otherwise difficult to access or disseminate. Here you can also find professional literature that deals with issues such as freedom of speech, censorship, artistic freedom, democracy and more.

For us, it is important that Malmö is a city where free speech and artistic expression can take place. A democratic society works better if we can access the widest possible diversity of different ideas and perspectives.

About the journalist Dawit Isaak

Dawit Isaak is a Swedish-Eritrean journalist and author who has been incarcerated in Eritrea since 2001 without trial for publishing criticism of the Eritrea regime.

Collaboration partners

The Dawit Isaak Library is a collaboration between Malmö City Archives, the Malmö City Library, Swedish PEN and ICORN.